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the correct method of use and maintenance cotton towel

DATE: 2016-08-29      BROWSE NUMBER: 801

Towel is that we want to use everyday items, also is due to use every day, make it appear beyond the mark, usually on the usual, our selection, use and placement of towel is too casual. Originally is just this kind of casual, can bring unexpected results to our health.

Towel is terry fabric more and more open space, easy adsorption of dust and germs, it happens every day, have to be in close touch with our skin, simple bacteria invade our bodies and make us infections. The latest scientific experiment proves that the coin, bed textile supplies and towel products is disease of three big media directly, inaccurate use towel, can damage the skin, serious still can form with infection. Now most people know the importance of their own towels, but it is often a towel is multi-purpose, and it is not broken don't change, more don't pay attention to the protection of the towel. Here introduce us to some towels accurate utilization and protection measures.

Use method:

1. The towel to someone special, specialized towel. Use the number of towels everyday each article should be 4 to 5. Divided into washing a face, wash feet, taking a bath, and daily himself to protect small towels, and women also specifically to increase 1 the physical clean towel.

2. Pay attention to the towel clean, cook do frequently wash, frequently, often bask in, for towel disinfected once a week. Don't hang your wet towel in the ventilation of the clean room, because the bacteria and viruses in the wet towel moment of living longer, propagation speed into how much growth.

3. Any things using the term, home textile experts think the towel is the use of the term is usually at the mercy of 3 months, after using period of towel is dirty and hard, can damage the health, has become the new sources of pollution.

4. Purchase towel products, carefully selected, do not covet is cheap. A lot of cheap towel looks beautiful, feel is good, but in fact are made with waste materials and chemical dye production defect, some chemical dye is also rich in benzene ammonia carcinogens. We take the same as with the industrial waste water washs a face washing a face towel, will damage the skin, severe damage to health.

5. Qualified towel with shoddy towel difference: qualified towel is soft, soft, manufacturing precision has excellent moisture absorption, heat insulation, heat resistant function. And inferior towels easy pilling, rub off airtight, water imbibition is not strong.

Protection measures:
Microwave disinfection method. 

1. Clean towel, folded after placed in the microwave oven, disinfection running 5 minutes can reach.

2. Steam disinfection. Place a towel in a pressure cooker, heat for 30 minutes at the mercy of, will be able to kill the vast majority of microbes.

. 3. The disinfectant disinfection disinfectant can pick up 200 times dilution clean disinfectant or 0.1% chlorhexidine. The towels soaked in the solution more than 15 minutes, then rinse out towel, clear away the remaining disinfectant, was able to put the heart back to use after drying.

4. How is the soft towel. Towel in use after a period of time, because the water dissociation of calcium and magnesium ions with soap, to generate calcium magnesium soap adhesion appearance in the towel, towel to harden. At this time can be in 3 kg at the mercy of the water to add 30 grams soda ash or properly softener for 10 minutes can.

5. How to remove the fat on the towel. Some people love oil, towel is often greasy, slippery, washed repeatedly function also is not very good, very trouble. With strong brine immersion washing, reoccupy clear water flushing, can make towel clean up.