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Use common sense

which material of face towel is better

DATE: 2016-08-29      BROWSE NUMBER: 980

Coarse towel rub on just fine after clean skin, also can create invisible to the naked eye for scratch, bacteria to enter! If have blain on the face, and mop face with a towel, it is easy to rub, blain bacteria is hidden in a towel, and with the towel spread to other parts of the face, in this way, the blain on your face will be continuous to take, it is difficult to eradicate.

So gently towel to clean, wash a face to try to use water wash, after washing gently facial blot, the water can't rub and pulling back and forth.

Towel is used for a long time, becomes hard to make people uncomfortable, the most important is infected with a large number of bacteria, harmful to human body. Towel is made of pure cotton yarn, cotton fiber is a tubular structure, containing a hollow lumen, can store water; Its main chemical composition of cellulose molecules containing a large number of hydrophilic gene, can absorb the moisture. Cotton yarn of the moisture absorption, water storage properties make towel feels comfortable, strong decontamination ability, suitable for wash clean. But it is also due to this characteristic, provides convenient conditions for bacterial growth. Bacteria like the warm, moist environment. Towel in temperature humidity condition for a long time, after a certain time, has become a paradise for bacterial growth, combined with the human body skin grease, dust, the impurities in the water, the bacteria in the air, and so on deposition on the towel, and then use the towel to wipe the skin, not only, the effect was not clean, it will stain the skin, clogged pores. Children like the makeup woman and fast metabolism, skin oil, towel is more likely to be infected with, hazard especially big.

As far as possible with pure cotton soft dry towel wipes his face with a wet towel, face not only will be more dry, wet water evaporation on the face, with the part of the skin with water evaporation, and washing a face should immediately use moisturizers, don't wait. The skin is dry, do not use general moisturizing lotion, with a high moisture. Can also do some moisturizing mask, do not use the mask, apply to apply on the face.