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classification and technology of the towel

DATE: 2016-08-29      BROWSE NUMBER: 707

Towel according to different classification has a lot of kinds, below I introduce according to the classification of different organizations for the specific methods, hope to recognize the masses of friends!

1, cut pile:
Come down from the loom towel is terry is on both sides; Now the printing product requirements on flat is bright and clean cloth, what to do;
So have the cut pile. Cut pile loop cut to half, so, a towel is suitable for printing.
High-level factory can printed towels like oil painting, as a high-grade adornment also special.
Now overseas products are generally require cut pile; Because cut fine products the has better color, and feel more comfortable.
And its disadvantage is that the product easy to cut off velvet, if process unreasonable; the water will drop hair. 
But even more reasonable technology, cut pile products there will be a slight drop wool.
Don't cut fine hair products are printed on meticulous, but very durable, don't worry about the hairs.

2, water absorption:
Why do some towel after water not water absorption ? Touched a bit of a towel, and water is dry?
Because in the process of dealing with towel, use an assistant:
This thing is a liquid, a towel over it from the inside will become very soft.
It has two kinds: one kind is absorbent; A is out of the water.
Naturally, you know the front of the problem.
Not bibulous special bright color products, like showed that coated with a layer of grease; So, when you want to buy towels, very thin towel is very bright, is not bibulous.

3, organize process:
If you are a careful person, can see that some towel side is composed of a loop, the other side are the two loop; Have a plenty of both sides is a MAO
Circle; A bit is on both sides of two loop.
Tell you this is very important!
Generally we see products are both sides is one of terry towel oh; Because it is a common public product, this is called MAO technology alone;
And occasionally you will see one side is composed of a loop, the other side are the two terry towels, the single and double wool process; Belongs to a high grade product
Series, so the more durable; Print out the design and color is gorgeous dazzling;
Even more difficult to see both the MAO process, is that both sides is two of terry towel; The special thick towel. Belongs to high-grade products
Needless to say, the east of the nature, the price is very expensive.

4, disconnect:
What is the disconnect?
In fact, we see in the supermarket many are short towels.
Is that you can see the towel in the middle in addition to the loop, the cloth, just some towel is proximate towel;
Its process can be ever-changing; Can weave a lot of days;
This price is quite high towel! Market price of a face towel is 8 yuan of above;

5, jacquard:
Is can see have a plenty of loop on the towel, 1 is a bit of cloth, the cloth gear is lower than loop; After a process engineer process procedure, these concave and convex appear
A variety of patterns.
This kind of towel would cost far more than ordinary towels; But it can only be done by dyeing color collocation; The design is simple.

6, embroidery:
This simple, we meet in the supermarket often have towels, computer embroidery out a dog, a little flower, and so on.
The scene on the add cost for this towel value-added 1 ~ 2 yuan.

7, bath towel,
Is enclosed in the body after the shower;
Have a children's bath towel (usually 60 x120cm 69 x137cm), adult bath towel (76 x152cm most common).
The bath towel general printing has very beautiful design and color: cartoon, beauty, scenery...
Especially popular.
In addition the bath towel abroad as beach towels to use; In the travel on the beach when used to pad on the beach and put in the body after swimming.
Bath towel as adornment also is especially good.
And domestic general use plain coloured towels, these things are not by print, but all white, or the same kind of light color; General hotel use more widely.
The family generally do not use this kind of things.
The little girl is favorite cartoon class, because they are so beautiful, so, bath towel is also very popular in China.

8, cotton:
We see the plain towels, manufacturers generally in profits, driven by mixed with chemical fibers in cotton; But we can't distinguish whether there is a chemical fiber!!!!!
This kind of mixed chemical fiber factory many, that they have a lot of cost reduction!
And how do we try to distinguish?
Chemical fiber generally feel special soft and comfortable; The feeling is very soft (pay attention to speak in front of the softener has this function)
And we saw those great scraping the bottom of the product (and the big face towel printing) product is easy to distinguish: the root yarn is not coloring, chemical fiber is white, under the light;
Presents the colour like money to. So use this method to identify plain towel is effectively a recruit!

9, reactive printing:
That many people don't know!
This refers to the dye printing design and color with;
Note that this is nontoxic dye well.

What coating printing?
It is easy to separate. The former pattern of printing color luster, the latter, without burnish, very ugly oh. We saw the tea towel is coating; The place where it printed;
Terry or suede with together, no fleeciness feeling, elimination of products. Be careful not to buy!!
And coating is now also used, because it is a loop or with suede together; So be used with the print, line; This can be used to make our products
Another new visual.