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Use common sense

clean towel smell method

DATE: 2016-08-29      BROWSE NUMBER: 1035

Towel is used for a long time, will send out a kind of taste and sticky. People usually use soap to wash, the wash the sticky, harden after dried, threw a pity, and uncomfortable to use, how to solve the problem, the following method to introduce some washing towel.

Cleaning cycle
Towel washing, sterilization is the best cycle for a week. After washing with water will rush clean towel, then dry. In ventilated place dry.
How to maintenance towel
1, microwave disinfection method: clean towel clean, after folded in the microwave oven, run 5 minutes to achieve disinfection purposes.
2, steam sterilization method: put a towel in a pressure cooker, heating to keep about 30 minutes, you can kill the vast majority of microbes.
3, disinfectant disinfectant method: can choose 200 times dilution of clean disinfectant or 0.1% chlorhexidine. The towels soaked in the solution more than 15 minutes, then rinse out towel, remove residual disinfectant clean, dry after you can safely use again.
4, towels, soft law: towel in use after a period of time, because the water dissociation of calcium and magnesium ions combine with soap, to generate calcium magnesium soap adhesion on the surface of towel, towel to harden. At this time can be in 3 jins of water plus 30 grams soda ash or proper softening agent for 10 minutes.
5, towel up greasy method: some people love oil, towel is often greasy, slippery, the effect is not very good, after repeated washing is very trouble. Suggest using strong brine immersion washing, rinse again, can make towel clean up.
Washing method

Made of pure cotton alkali resistance is strong, can use all sorts of soap and lotion washing. Water temperature should be controlled below 35 ℃, unfavorable in detergent soak for a long time, to prevent fade, when ironing temperature under 120 ℃, in order to maintain design and color is bright, when the best clothes, dry in the shade or the sun.