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basic knowledge and cost of towels

DATE: 2016-08-29      BROWSE NUMBER: 862

Towel to choose has exquisite: (1) the choose and buy. As far as possible to the large department stores, supermarkets or store to buy, select normal manufacturer's products. (2) logo. Qualified towel products should have the logo specification, and indicate the manufacturer, producing area, telephone number, trademarks, standards, washing, etc. (3) the handle. High quality towel is generally feel soft, fluffy and elastic. (4) appearance. Good towel color is more bright-coloured, pattern printed clear, uniform loop, the hem neat. (5) qualified towel products should be no odor. In addition, the family also can do some quality identification when in the use of towels, such as the drip on the new towel can quickly be absorbed, explain absorbent towels. High quality towel when use elastic friction and a sense of the water won't rub off. Inferior towel water imbibition is poor, when using, lax, inelastic, feel satiny, rub off when the water is serious, stimulate the damage to skin and eyes

Towel, surface of woven house. General pure cotton yarn as raw material, a small amount of mixing blend yarn and synthetic fiber yarn, woven by the towel machine, square, long, pillow towel, sofa towel, blankets, bedspreads, terry cloth, etc., some is the finished product after weaving, some will be faded pulp, printing, dyeing, bleaching, practice base, etc. According to the weaving into the knitting and tatting two kinds, the former USES the knitted towel weaving machine, which USES the general common towel machine, or a dobby, jacquard, box body towel loom weaving. Woven earlier when the veil and yarn winding respectively in two driving shaft, the yarn woven cloth, veil woven loop are formed by the special one. According to the processing methods can be divided into two clock, white fabric and yarn dyed.

 Within the warp/weft weaving towel loop, with both sides circle of terry warp number into the root of hair alone, single and double, both MAO, double three hairs, three three hairs, positive loop than, opposite, the more general loop, surface more plump, also with the yarn diameter arrangement is divided into single, double warp, the better. More commonly but soft nearly, you can now through the post-processing to solve this problem.

According to the appearance can be; All white, plain, jacquard, mercerizing, article, suede, screw, etc.
Production engineering points a lot of kinds, plain weave, jacquard weave, satin, jacquard satin stall, yarn-dyed, shearing points a lot of kinds, towel is the bottom diameter, wool diameter and weft weaving together, then cost accounting is composed of the three, first you have to know the price of this three kinds of yarn, the yarn gram weight multiplied by each of the price of yarn count (tons), below is proportion with accounting
Bottom diameter of yarn quantity = (bottom diameter to the total number of root) multiplied by the total length (plane) multiplied by (1.02) times the (number)
Weft yarn amount = total length (towel) divided by (2.54) times (weft density) multiplied by the button (number) multiplied by the (number)
Wool diameter of yarn quantity = (bottom diameter of yarn quantity) reduce dosage (weft)
Number of different yarn count is km gram is as follows
10 km grams weighs 58.3 g s
16 s k g 36 g
21 s km grams weighs 27.8 g
21 s / 2 km grams weighs 55.6 g
32 km g s 18 g
32 s / 2 km g 36 g

Towel cotton yarn cost calculate later and all the miscellaneous fees such as electricity, water, workers' wages, equipment maintenance costs, taxes, fees and so on
When the choose and buy towels can adopt the following six standards, cheated in case 1. Fluffy texture, soft. This towel touch in her hand full of elasticity, stick on the face, give a person a kind of soft cheek feeling, towel and dry of avoid by all means, so as not to damage the skin.

2. The bright colors. Either printed or plain towels, as long as the materials standards, process home, must be very beautiful, at first glance, there is a kind of novelty, avoid by all means buy Withers as sweet towel, because this kind of towel general process is simple, with makings is very poor, hazardous to health. 

3. The pattern is clear, the printing precision, full, contemporary novel. Towel in addition to practical, is a kind of art, lifelike, a painting, is a kind of adornment, give a person with a kind of spirit to enjoy, in any one place will not be worried and redundant, avoid by all means buy printing rough, similar to the relationship of counterfeit goods, lest reduce taste, dirty your bedroom. 

4. High water absorption. Particularly strong demand for water, towel towel to wipe, moisture dry, dust pollution to do, which requires high quality cotton yarn, advanced scouring and dyeing process, perfect test and inspection methods, avoid by all means to pull the basket is food, let the brush on the face how walk, not bibulous. Decontamination of towel not accompany you, has affected the quality of your life. 

5. The style is novel, well-produced. Towel can have a variety of different styles, have spiral, velvet, plain, printing, etc., can also add satin, embroidery, applique, platoon, Mosaic, such as fabric of different colors and patterns, and also have a variety of means, such as towel general materials standards, quality excellent, combined with fine trademark sewing and so on, look very elegant in a towel and pick is not at fault, plus reasonable packaging, let a person fondle admiringly, avoid by all means buy shoddily built, no logo, no exact origin of the towel.

6. The price is reasonable. Prices reflect the value, also reflect the cost and the social necessary labor time, between the factory have high low price, but not unusual, such as the price is much lower than the value, you have to be careful, there are some "false", not a shoddy, is also ask, we believe that you buy towels must be real goods, took a look of avoid by all means is the lowest price to buy is a waste.